Have you thought about becoming a volunteer? Maybe you don’t think that you have enough time to do it. Your life is too busy, and you have your family to think about. But maybe it’s time to consider it. Volunteering can help other people a lot, but did you know that it can also help you? It’s absolutely true! Below are five health benefits that you can enjoy by becoming a volunteer.

1. Volunteering can Help Counteract those Effects of Anger, Anxiety and Stress

The social aspect of working with and helping others can greatly you’re your psychological well-being overall. Nothing is going to relieve stress than having a connection with another person. Working with animals such as pets also has been shown to reduce anxiety and stress and improve mood.

2. Volunteering Helps Combat Depression

It keeps you regularly in contact with other people and can help you with developing a support system that’s solid. This helps with combating depression and protecting you.

3. Volunteering Will Make You Happy

Researchers have found that by measuring brain activity and hormones that when you are helpful to other people it makes you happy. As humans we’re hard-wired to be giving. When we give, we feel happy and it gives us a sense of satisfaction to put a smile on someone else’s face.

4. Volunteering Will Increase Self Confidence

You’re doing something good for your community and for others, and this gives you a natural feeling of accomplishment. When you are volunteer, it can also give you a feeling of identity and pride. When you are feeling good about yourself, it’s going to be more likely that your outlook on life and your future goals is positive.

5. Volunteering Will Give a Feeling of Purpose

Adults who are older, particularly those who’ve lost their spouse, or they’re retired, will be able to find new direction and meaning in their lives. No matter your life situation or age, being a volunteer can help with taking your mind off of your own problems, help with keeping you stimulated mentally and you’re your life more zest.

6. Volunteering Will Help You Stay Healthy

There are studies that have shown that the people who are volunteering have a lower rate of mortality when compared with those who don’t. Volunteers who are older usually walk more, discover its easier to deal with tasks that they have to do daily, aren’t as likely to have elevated blood pressure, and their cognitive skills are better. Being a volunteer also can help with lessens chronic pain symptoms and reduce your risk of developing heart disease.

Think about becoming a volunteer. Even if it’s a couple hours a week. You are going to find that your life is changing for the better and that little things in your life may not seem so bad because you may see what other people are going through. Volunteering can change a lot of peoples’ lives for the better, including your own. Give it a try. You may just surprise yourself when you see how much better you are feeling each day.

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